CEN: 1820 AL Limestone County

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  • Title CEN: 1820 AL Limestone County 
    Short Title CEN: 1820 AL Limestone 
    Source ID S83 
    Text The detailed Fourth Federal Census for Limestone County, Alabama, no longer exists, but has been partially reconstructed from surviving summaries available here. This local 1819/1820 Census summary offers different categories from the standard Federal Census, as follows:

    A: Free White Males 21+
    B: Free White Males under 21
    C: Free White Females under 21
    D: Free White Females 21+
    E: Total Whites
    F: People of Color
    G: Total Slaves
    H: Acres cultivated
    I: Number of Hands
    J: Bales of Cotton
    K: Average Weight
    L: Gins
    M: Saws
    N: Mills

    Household of John M. Darwin


    John M. Darwin's return is unusual in listing only himself; the supposition is that he has parked his family with relations in Tennessee while in the process of establishing a new homestead in Alabama.

    His family at this date consisted of:

    Sally (Blackburn) Darwin, 30
    James Darwin, 11
    Mary Darwin, 10
    William B. Darwin, 9
    Susan A. Darwin, 7
    Jane Darwin, 1815

    By 1830, John M. Darwin and his family are enumerated in Jackson County, AL.
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    CEN: 1820 AL - Limestone (State Census)
    CEN: 1820 AL - Limestone (State Census)
    John M. Darwin