CEN: 1820 LA St. Landry Parish

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  • Title CEN: 1820 LA St. Landry Parish 
    Short Title CEN: 1820 LA St. Landry 
    Source ID S79 
    Text The Fourth Federal Census of 1820 states the name of the head of household only, with columns for ennumerating members of the household by sex, age, and race; it uses one additional age category (free white males between 16 and 18) as had been used for the 1810 Census, introduces basic analysis of occupational types, and includes sex and age categories for slaves, as follows:

    A: Free White Males under 10 yrs
    B: Free White Males 10-15
    C: Free White Males 16-17
    D: Free White Males 18-26
    E: Free White Males 27-45
    F: Free White Males 45+
    G: Free White Females under 10 yrs
    H: Free White Females 11-16
    I: Free White Females 16-26
    J: Free White Females 27-45
    K: Free White Females 45+
    L: Foreign (not naturalised)
    M: Total - Agriculture
    N: Total - Commerce
    O: Total - Manufacture
    P: Male Slave to 14 yrs
    Q: Male Slave 15-26 yrs
    R: Male Slave 27-45 yrs
    S: Male Slave 45+ yrs
    T: Female Slave to 14 yrs
    U: Female Slave 15-26 yrs
    V: Female Slave 27-45 yrs
    W: Female Slave 45+ yrs

    Household of James W. Darwin

    A: ♂ 0-9B: ♂ 10-15C: ♂ 16-17D: ♂ 18-26E: ♂ 27-45F: ♂ 45+G: ♀ 0-10H: ♀ 11-16I: ♀ 17-26J: ♀ 27-45K: ♀ 45+

    James W. Darwin's entry appears to show multiple families.

    At this date, his family is believed to have consisted of the following:

    Nancy (Shores) Darwin, 30
    Narcissa Darwin, 8
    John T. Darwin, 6
    Reuben Darwin, 2

    The above all appear to be included in this enumeration, but with additional individuals in the household, as follows:

    4 males, aged 18-26
    2 males, aged 27-45
    1 female, aged 0-10
    1 female, aged 11-16

    The Census return for the family also shows 3 individuals are engaged in Agriculture, and 2 engaged in Manufacture.

    Slave schedule for the household:

    P: ♂ 0-14 yrs1
    T: ♀ 0-14 yrs2
    U: ♀ 15-26 yrs1
    V: ♀ 27-45 yrs1

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    John T. DARWIN
    Narcissa DARWIN
    Reuben DARWIN
    Nancy SHORES 

  • Census (USA)
    CEN: 1820 LA - St. Landry
    CEN: 1820 LA - St. Landry
    Fourth Federal Census:
    James W. Darwin