CEN: 1800 SC York District

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  • Title CEN: 1800 SC York District 
    Short Title CEN: 1800 SC York 
    Source ID S38 
    Text The Second Federal Census of 1800 states the name of the head of household only, with columns for ennumerating members of the household by sex, age, and race. The 1800 Census analysed by finer divisions of age than had the previous 1790 Census, as follows:

    A: Free White Males to 10 yrs
    B: Free White Males 11-16
    C: Free White Males 17-26
    D: Free White Males 27-45
    E: Free White Males 45+
    F: Free White Females to 10 yrs
    G: Free White Females 11-16
    H: Free White Females 17-26
    I: Free White Females 27-45
    J: Free White Females 45+
    K: Slaves

    In the 1800 Census for York District SC, it is noteworthy that not only that the three Darwin households of James, John, and George C. are ennumerated together, but also the related-by-marriage (currently or future) households of Thomas Petty (husband of Jane Darwin), Richard Taliaferro, John Moore, and Littleton Sandlin.

    Household of James Darwin

    A: ♂ 0-10B: ♂ 11-16C: ♂ 17-26D: ♂ 27-45E: ♂ 45+F: ♀ 0-10G: ♀ 11-16H: ♀ 17-26I: ♀ 27-45J: ♀ 45+K: Slaves

    James Darwin's entry may be expanded as follows:

    [B]: James W. Darwin, 13
    [C]: John M. Darwin, 19
    [E]: James Darwin, 56
    [F]: Jerusha Jane Darwin, 6
    [F]: Mary Darwin, 5
    [G]: Margaret, 15
    [H]: Sarah Darwin, 20
    [H]: Anne Darwin, 24
    [H]: unknown female, 17-26
    [J]: Mary (Cowan) Darwin, 54
    [K]: 1 unknown slave

    Household of John Darwin

    A: ♂ 0-10B: ♂ 11-16C: ♂ 17-26D: ♂ 27-45E: ♂ 45+F: ♀ 0-10G: ♀ 11-16H: ♀ 17-26I: ♀ 27-45J: ♀ 45+K: Slaves

    John Darwin's entry may be expanded:

    [A]: Robert G.Darwin, 5
    [A]: John Bland Darwin, 9
    [B]: William Darwin, 14
    [E]: John Darwin, 45
    [F]: Matilda Darwin, 3
    [F]: Jane Darwin, 6
    [F]: Rachel Darwin, 10
    [G]: Rebecca Darwin, 12
    [G]: Mary Darwin, 15
    [G]: Nancy Darwin, 16
    [I]: Jane (Bland) Darwin, 38
    [K]: Daniel ?
    [K]: Rachel or Luce ?

    Household of George Cowan Darwin
    A: ♂ 0-10B: ♂ 11-16C: ♂ 17-26D: ♂ 27-45E: ♂ 45+F: ♀ 0-10G: ♀ 11-16H: ♀ 17-26I: ♀ 27-45J: ♀ 45+K: Slaves

    George Cowan Darwin's entry may be expanded:

    [A]: Chapman Darwin, 1
    [A]: Richmond Darwin, 4
    [D]: George C.Darwin, 29
    [F]: Nancy Darwin, 1
    [H]: Delilah (Harrington) Darwin, 24

    Household of Thomas Petty
    A: ♂ 0-10B: ♂ 11-16C: ♂ 17-26D: ♂ 27-45E: ♂ 45+F: ♀ 0-10G: ♀ 11-16H: ♀ 17-26I: ♀ 27-45J: ♀ 45+K: Slaves

    Thomas Petty's entry may be expanded:

    James Daniel Petty, Jr., 3
    Thomas Darwin Petty, 10
    Thomas Petty, 35
    Jane (Darwin) Petty, 27


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    Thomas Daniel PETTY, Jr. 

  • Census (USA)
    CEN: 1800 SC - York
    CEN: 1800 SC - York
    Second Federal Census:
    James Darwin (2.05)
    John Darwin (2.08)