CEN: 1850 AL Cherokee

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  • Title CEN: 1850 AL Cherokee 
    Short Title CEN: 1850 AL Cherokee 
    Source ID S319 
    Text The Seventh Federal Census of 1850 is the first that states the name of each member of each household, analysed by the following categories:

    A Number of Dwelling
    B Number of Family within Dwelling
    C Name
    D Age
    E Sex
    F Color (Race)
    G Occupation
    H Value of Real Estate
    I Birthplace
    J Married within year
    K Attended School within year
    L Over 20 and illiterate
    M Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict?

    Household of Jeremiah Smith

    Dwelling/Family 159/159

    Jeremiah Smith, 77, M, "agr", b. SC
    Mary Smith, 62, F
    Peggy Smith, 31, F
    Luke Smith, 28, M
    Rosanne Smith, 21, F
    Joel Smith, 19, M
    Julia A. Smith, 14, F
    Littleton D. Smith, 11, M
    Pleasant Smith, 6, F
    Thomas Smith, 3, M

    Household of John B. Smith

    Dwelling/Family 194/194

    John O. Smith, 35, M, Day Laborer, b. SC
    Martha Smith, 35, F, b. AL
    William Smith, 10, M, b. AL
    Jeremiah Smith, 9, M, b. AL
    Nancy Smith, 7, F, b. AL
    Amanda Smith, 5, F, b. AL
    Luke Smith, 3, M, b. AL
    John O. Smith, 2, M, b. AL
    Polly Smith, 39. b. [?]
    Linked to Martha
    Mary DARWIN
    Amanda SMITH
    Jeremiah SMITH
    Jeremiah SMITH
    Joel SMITH
    John SMITH
    John B. SMITH
    Luke SMITH
    Luke SMITH
    Nancy SMITH
    Peggy SMITH
    Rosanna SMITH
    William SMITH