MIL-REV: 1784 James Darwin Pay Indent

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  • Title MIL-REV: 1784 James Darwin Pay Indent 
    Short Title MIL-REV: 1784 James Darwin Pay Indent 
    Call Number No. 216 Book I 
    Source ID S29 
    10 Septr 1784 No.216

    Mr. James Darwin his account of 297 days Militia Duty Amotg to 53.2.10 1/4, Fifty three Pounds, two Shillings and ten Pence farthing Sterling.

    Exd WG 297 Days Duty

    Publick Dr to James Darwin for Personal service under Capt William McCulloch fifty seven days at 1 per day ....57

    To personal service under Capt. Barnett one hundred and Eighty Days at 1 pr Day .... 180

    Ditto to twenty Days done At 2-5s pr day .... 45

    To personal service Done under Genl Henderson as done at 2-5s fourty days (his own Pay Bill) .... 90


    Stg 53.2.10 1/4

    Total 372 - 318.17.1 3/4

    Received 10th September 1784 full satisfaction from the Commissioner of the Treasury for the amt then in an Indent.

    No. 216 Book I. (s) Jams Darvin

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  • Military Records: American Revolution
    MIL-REV: 1784 James Darwin Pay Indent
    MIL-REV: 1784 James Darwin Pay Indent
    Photocopy of 1784 pay indent to James Darwin for service in local militia during the American Revolutionary War

  •  Notes 
    • "Capt. (Humphrey) Barnett" was also one of James' brother John's commanding officers in militia service; it would seem likely, though cannot be absolutely demonstrated, that the Darwin brothers undertook some of their respective periods of militia service together.

      Hugh T. Harrington notes on "General Henderson":

      William Henderson is listed in Moss (2: Patriots, p. 436.) 1748-1788, As Lt. Colonel he was taken prisoner at the fall of Charleston, exchanged in November 1780 he was transferred to the 1st Regiment January 1, 1781. Sept 1781 he was promoted to Colonel. He served to the close of the war and during 1781 and 1782 he was a brigadier general of SC State troops.

    • Summary of South Carolina militia service for John and James Darwin:

      John Darwin
      Days Commander
      30 Capt. Barnett
      28 Col. Bratton
      25 Maj. Wallace
      27 Capt. Thomson
      15 Capt. Thomas

      James Darwin
      Days Commander
      57 Capt. McCulloch
      200 Capt. Barnett
      40 Capt. Henderson