BIB: 1880: Mary Darwin Hope Bible

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  • Title BIB: 1880: Mary Darwin Hope Bible 
    Short Title BIB: 1880: Mary Darwin Hope Bible 
    Source ID S20 
    Text Bible in possession of Mrs. Mary Darwin Hope, 623 Grant St, Atlanta Ga.


    John Darwin, b. 3-19-1755, d. 7-13-1837, and Jane Bland, b. 1-2-1762, d. 3-10-1827, m. 3-11-1783

    Peyton Bland Darwin and Mary Wilkinson, first wife, 1-27-1825

    Jeptha Harrington and Nancy Darwin, 1-17-1800

    John Kendrick and Mary Darwin, 1-28-1803

    William Darwin and Elizabeth Powell, 1-17-1819

    John Powell and Rachel Darwin, 1-17-1819

    John Darwin and Gilly Sandlin, 11-15-1819

    William Berry and Matilda Darwin, 1-17-1819

    John Smarr and Jane Darwin, 1-27-1825

    Isaac Summerford and Pamelia Darwin, 1-27-1822

    Children of John Darwin and Jane Bland

    Nancy Darwin b. 2-4-1784 d. 3-22-1847
    Mary Darwin b. 5-16-1785 d. 1856
    William Darwin b. 11-8-1786 d. 1863
    Rebecca Darwin b. 9-7-1788 d. 12-14-1828
    Rachel Darwin b. 4-10-1790 d. 11-7-1831
    John B. Darwin b. 12-12-1791 d. 2-5-1854
    Jane Darwin b. 1-25-1794 d. 2-5-1857
    Robert Darwin b. 7-4-1795 d. 1868
    Matilda Darwin b. 7-8-1797 d. 5-23-1848
    Sarah Darwin b. 1-19-1801 d. 11-28-1802
    Pamela Darwin b. 8-14-1803 d. 1-12-1880
    Peyton B. Darwin b. 4-18-1805 d. 12-28-1883
    Mary Wilkinson - d. 5-13-1855
    James Asbury Darwin b. 4-10-1827 d. 5-11-1845

    Linked to Jane BLAND
    Jane DARWIN
    John DARWIN
    John Asbury DARWIN
    John Bland DARWIN
    Mary DARWIN
    Matilda DARWIN
    Nancy DARWIN
    Pamela DARWIN
    Peyton Bland DARWIN
    Rachel DARWIN
    Rebecca DARWIN
    Robert G. DARWIN
    Sarah DARWIN
    William DARWIN
    Family: 3.39 Peyton Bland DARWIN / Mary WILKERSON
    Family: 2.08 John DARWIN / Jane BLAND
    Family: Jephtha HARRINGTON / 3.28 Nancy DARWIN
    Family: John KENDRICK / 3.29 Mary DARWIN
    Family: 3.30 William DARWIN / Elizabeth POWELL
    Family: John POWELL / 3.32 Rachel DARWIN
    Family: 3.33 John Bland DARWIN / Gilly SANDLIN
    Family: John SMARR / 3.34 Jane DARWIN
    Family: William P. BERRY / 3.36 Matilda DARWIN
    Family: Isaac SUMMERFORD / 3.38 Pamela DARWIN 

  •  Notes 
    • We had long assumed, on encountering other researchers' references to a Bible record associated with Mary (Darwin) Hope of Atlanta, that the Darwin-Bland "Bible" Record was indicated. More recently (February 2007), Christopher B. Darwin has pointed out to us that a separate (though clearly related) source appears to be present.

      The "Bible" record associated with Mary Hope Darwin (a South Carolinian granddaughter of John Darwin) has been used in membership applications to the Daughters of the American Revolution, and is included in their library (call reference Georgia DAR GRC Report; s3, v022: bible records (bk.4)), which we have not been able to consult directly. But Christopher B. Darwin has kindly provided the above copy.

      The main block of information on Marriages is very clearly copied from Quarto Page M of the Darwin-Bland "Bible" Record, except for the erroneous insertion of the date for the two Darwin/Powell marriages (miscopied, as Christopher B. Darwin notes, from the wedding date of William Berry and Matilda Darwin, which appears lower on the page).

      It would seem likely that the Darwin-Bland "Bible" Record originally included pages giving the names and birth dates of the balance of John Darwin's children, given here, but that page has been lost. The later death dates provided seems to indicate that the Mary Darwin Hope Bible Record is indeed a continuation of the earlier record, but has introduced a few small errors in copying.