LOC: VA-LO: 1743 Darwin/Hardy Lawsuit

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  • Title LOC: VA-LO: 1743 Darwin/Hardy Lawsuit 
    Short Title LOC: VA-LO: 1743 Darwin/Hardy Lawsuit  
    Author Kathleen Perkins (transcriber) 
    Publisher Louisa County Historical Association Magazine 
    Call Number Volume 9, Number 2 (Winter 1977-78) 
    Repository Louisa County VA - Courthouse 
    Source ID S2 
    Text Louisa County, VA : -
    Order Book (1742 - 1748) page 54;

    11 July 1743 - THOMAS HARDY versus WILLIAM DARWIN - "IN DEBT"

    This day came as well the plaintiff, by his attorney, as the defendant, in his proper person, and for the want of bail, the said defendant is comitted in custody of the Sheriff and in the custody thereof confesseth the plaintiff's action for 7 current money. Therefore by consent of the parties it is considered by the Court that the plaintiff recover the same against the defendant, together with his costs, by him in this behalf expended. And the defendant, in mercy, etc., and at the prayer of the said plaintiff, the said defendant is comitted to the prison of the county, there to remain until, etc.

    [Transcription by Lt. Col. Darwin Sneed Holton via Christopher B. Darwin] 
    Linked to William DARWIN 

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    LOC: VA-LO: 1743 Hardy/Darwin Lawsuit
    LOC: VA-LO: 1743 Hardy/Darwin Lawsuit
    Compiled in the Louisa County Historical Association Magazine, Volume 9, Number 2 (Winter 1977-78), article by Kathleen Perkins, Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-1746, an abstract of a lawsuit brought against William Darwin

  •  Notes 
    • According to Janice L. Abercrombie, the Suit Papers have not survived, only the Order Book (entries transcribed above) is extant--and spells the name DARWIN. Dating from the year Louisa County was created from Hanover County, it is the earliest record found so far concerning William Darwin.

      Alerted by Christopher B. Darwin, who in turn cites the excellent research of Gayle Blankenship, we have now established that the LCHA Magazine in question here in fact contains a typographical error in the date given for this record transcription: the actual date of this lawsuit is 11 July 1743, as the follow-on heading ("August 1743") indicates. We have previously cited the erroneous 1742 date for this record, but are happy to correct it here.

      Darwin and Blankenship add the details that the Order Book Reference is 1-54, and that the case concerned a debt of 7, for which William Darwin was committed to prison.