BIB: 1870: Darwin/Nettles "Bible" Record

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  • Title BIB: 1870: Darwin/Nettles "Bible" Record 
    Short Title BIB: 1870: Darwin/Nettles "Bible" 
    Call Number MS. AC 67-85 
    Repository Tennessee State Library and Archives 
    Source ID S19 
    Text [Transcription]

    James Darwin, Sr., born June 19, 1744

    Mary Cowin born Sept. 14, 1746

    Drury Harrington born June 22, 1752

    Rachel Petty born Dec. 13, 1754

    Jeptha Harrington born Feb. 9, 1775

    Allen Harrington born Feb. 10, 1786

    G. C. Darwin born Oct 18, 1771

    Delilah Harrington born June 1, 1776

    Richman Darwin born Oct. 16, 1796

    C. H. Darwin born Jan. 16, 1799

    Nancy Darwin born Dec. 25, 1800

    W. G. Darwin born Aug. 20, 1803

    Young John Darwin born April 10, 1805 and died Oct. 3, 1815

    Washington Darwin born July 10, 1807

    Mary Darwin born July 27, 1808

    Rachel Darwin born Oct 18, 1810 and died Oct. 4 1815

    G. C. Darwin, Jr. born Nov. 27, 1812

    Sally H. Darwin born Oct. 27, 1814

    Rache Darwin born Oct. 19, 1816

    Elizabeth C. Darwin born Oct. 8, 1818

    Delilah Jane Darwin born Oct. 1, 1820

    John McCarver born April 3, 1786

    Larkin Poe born Nov. 9, 1788

    Henry P. Nettles and Sally H. Darwin married July 9, 1835

    H. P. Nettles born Feb. 10, 1814

    Sally H. Darwin born Oct. 27, 1814

    W. G. Darwin and Polly Burk married Feb. 21, 1833

    Sally Pryan Darwin born Dec. 12, 1833

    C. H. Darwin died Aug. 10, 1840

    Joseph K. Nettles born Oct. 1771

    Abeggail S. Nettles born Dec. 25, 1781 and died June 14, 1838

    Zebulon M. Nettles born Dec. 251781 and died June 14, 1838

    H. J. Nettles born Oct. 9, 1807

    Hiram P. Nettles born July 16, 1838

    John Chapman Nettles born Feb 16, 1843

    Mary Abegail Nettles born Nov. 28, 1844

    Margaret Delila Nettles born Sept. 28, 1847

    Henry Leonard Nettles born Sept. 21, 1849

    Leonora Ann Nettles born Dec. 19, 1851

    Sally Brown Nettles born July 17, 1854

    Nora C. Nettles (illegible) Sept. 7, 1868 (? very dim)

    Julia Elizabeth Nettles born Dec. 28, 1856

    Zebulon Granvill Nettles born Jan. 25, 1860

    Henry Franklin Curtis born Jan. 22, 1864

    William Chapman Dyd born Nov. 5, 1865

    Gurden Leonard Nettles born May 23, 1867

    N. I. Nettles born Oct. 5, 1867

    Mary A. Dye died July 28, 1868 aged 23 years and 8 months

    William Chapman Dye born Nov. 5, 1865

    Nancy Delia Nettles born Jan. 22, 1867 died Feb. 2 1867

    L. A. Nettles born Dec. 19, 1851

    Sallie Ann Dye born Dec. 21, 1867

    Gurden L. Nettles born July 23, 1866

    Abeygail S. Nettles born Dec. 25, 1781 and died June 14, 1838 aged 57 years, 5 months, 20 days

    Delia Darwin died May 5, 1843 aged 66 years, 11 months, 4 days

    W. G. Darwin died Aug 19, 1851 aged 48 years

    Joseph K. Nettles died Nov. 28, 1847

    H. J. Nettles died Nov. 17, 1853

    G. C. Darwin died July 29, 1853

    Zeublon M. Nettles died Feb. 18, 1858 aged 53 years, 3 months

    Nancy Nettles died July 28, 1868 (recorded by H. F. Curtis)

    Hirum P. Nettles married Nov. 20, 1859

    Mary Abigail Dye died July 28, 1868

    Mary Louisa Jane Nettles born Dec. 14, 1868 (recorded June 12, 1870)
    Linked to Abigail S.
    Mary COWAN
    Chapman H. DARWIN
    Delilah Jane DARWIN
    Elizabeth C. DARWIN
    George Cowan DARWIN
    George Cowan DARWIN, Jr.
    James DARWIN
    Mary Ann DARWIN
    Nancy DARWIN
    Rache DARWIN
    Rachel H. DARWIN
    Richmond DARWIN
    Sally Harrington DARWIN
    Sally Pryan DARWIN
    Washington DARWIN
    William Green DARWIN
    Young John DARWIN
    Delilah HARRINGTON
    Jephtha HARRINGTON
    Wiley Allen HARRINGTON
    John McCARVER
    Gurdon Leonidas NETTLES
    Henry Leonidas NETTLES
    Henry Palmer NETTLES
    Hiram Palmer NETTLES
    John Chapman NETTLES
    Joseph K. NETTLES
    Julia Elizabeth NETTLES
    Lenora Ann NETTLES
    Margaret Delilah NETTLES
    Mary Abigail NETTLES
    Mary Louisa Jane NETTLES
    Sally Brown NETTLES
    Zebulon Granville NETTLES
    Rachel PETTY
    Larkin POE
    Family: 4.040 William Green DARWIN / Mary BURKE
    Family: Henry Palmer NETTLES / 4.046 Sally Harrington DARWIN
    Family: 5.156 Hiram Palmer NETTLES / Louisa DUNLAP 

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    BIB: Darwin/Nettles 'Bible'
    BIB: Darwin/Nettles "Bible"
    Sample page from the Darwin/Nettles "Bible" Record

  •  Notes 
    • We are beholden to Mr. Dero A. Darwin Jr. for a transcription of this record. From Mr. Darwin's accompanying note:

      This is a copy of a photostatic copy of this bible, certified by Patricia Hannigan, Registrar of Deeds, Pratt County, Kansas, October 17, 1958. The title page and date of publication of the Bible are not included.

      The pages of the Bible measure 3" by 5", and there are 18 pages, one of which is illegible. The handwriting is very old, and entries have been made in several different hands. The earliest date entered is 1744. Two of the entries were dated by the person who wrote them as of 1870.

      A copy is also in the Tennessee State Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.

      The copy we have, from the Tennessee State Archives (MS. AC 67-85), is incomplete and very difficult to read; we are grateful for Mr. Darwin's transcription, given above. We do note, however, that similar to the Darwin-Bland "Bible" Record there is no indication that these pages are in fact from a published Bible. Indeed, the heading legend on the pages of "Memorandum" (in fact, it appears to be the novel word Memorandums) suggests this is in fact a notebook.