CEN: 1830 TN Franklin County

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  • Title CEN: 1830 TN Franklin County 
    Short Title CEN: 1830 TN Franklin 
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    Text The Fifth Federal Census of 1830 states the name of the head of household only, with columns for ennumerating members of the household by sex, age, and race; it uses additional age categories (by decades) to those used for the 1820 Census:

    A: Free White Males under 5N: Free White Females under 5
    B: Free White Males 5-9O: Free White Females 5-9
    C: Free White Males 10-14P: Free White Females 10-14
    D: Free White Males 15-19Q: Free White Females 15-19
    E: Free White Males 20-29R: Free White Females 20-29
    F: Free White Males 30-39S: Free White Females 30-39
    G: Free White Males 40-49T: Free White Females 40-49
    H: Free White Males 50-59U: Free White Females 50-59
    I: Free White Males 60-69V: Free White Females 60-69
    J: Free White Males 70-79W: Free White Females 70-79
    K: Free White Males 80-89X: Free White Females 80-89
    L: Free White Males 90-99Y: Free White Females 90-99
    M: Free White Males 100+Z: Free White Females 100+

    Household of William Darwin

    1830under 55-910-1415-1920-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970-7980-8990-99100+

    This may provisionally be expanded as

    [A]: George Washington Darwin, 1
    [A]: Thomas Jefferson Darwin, 3
    [A]: James Madison Darwin, 3
    [A]: Robert Darwin, 5
    [B]: Francis Marion Darwin, 10
    [D]: William Powell Darwin, 18
    [F]: unknown male 30-39
    [G]: William Darwin, 44
    [N]: Elizabeth Darwin, 7
    [P]: Nancy Darwin, 14
    [P]: ? Jane Darwin, 16
    [R]: Elizabeth (Powell) Darwin, 39

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  • Census (USA)
    CEN: 1830 TN - Franklin
    CEN: 1830 TN - Franklin
    Fifth Federal Census:
    William Darwin