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2701 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0955
2702 witness to 1804 will of father-in-law R.Sandlin  REID, Joseph (I0409)
2703 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0961
2704 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0965
2705 Working Note:

Parentage of Jane Adams now questionable. Alton Blevins (e-mail 13 Dec 2010)notes as follows:

"I question whether William Adams and Margaret Ewart were the parents of Jane Adams, wife of William W. Darwin. Following is data on William's will. His daughter Jean (maybe, Jane) was married to a man named Campbell.

ADAMS, WILLIAM of York County, 1 Mar 1799
Wife: Margaret Adams
Daughter: Catherine Carrigan
To: Jesse Campbell
Sons: Robert Adams, James Adams
Daughter: Rachel Barrett
Daughter: Margaret Watson
Sons: Joseph and William
Daughter: Elizabeth Adams
Executors: Son, Robert Adams and James Hill
Witnesses: James Ramsey, Hugh Gordan
Proven: 5 May 1800, Bk.A-14; Case 52 file #2270; settlement the year 1801, Robert Adams produced receipts for paying the following: James Adams legatee, Wm. Carigan legatee, Jean Campbell legatee, Alxr. Barrett legatee, David Watson legatee and himself."  
ADAMS, Jane (I2687)
2706 Working notes:

1870 Census: housewife in Miller Grove, Hopkin, TX 
DARWIN, 5.318 Elizabeth (I7822)
2707 Working Notes:

From Bill Durvin (email 28 Dec 2010)

"My mother, Mildred Clara Zeman Durvin, was born on July 12, 1918. Her father James (Vaclav in Czech) Zeman was born Dec. 21, 1891 in Stupno, Bohemia, Austria and came to the U. S. on the ship Breslau sailing from the port of Bremen, Germany and arriving in the port of Baltimore, MD on Nov. 1, 1907. He died in Baltimore on Nov. 12, 1918 during the influenza epidemic of 1918/1919. One of his brothers, Joseph Zeman (born March 18, 1890 in Stupno) also died in the epidemic on Oct. 20, 1918 in Baltimore. Another brother, Charles Zeman, Jr. (born Nov. 12, 1893 in Stupno) was in the U. S. army and died in France on Sept. 7, 1918. He was in the 111 Field Artillery. He is listed as dying of bronchial pneumonia ? but this was probably another death caused by the influenza epidemic (the army tried to ?cover-up? the actual number of deaths)." 
ZEMAN, Vaclav (I7883)
2708 Working Notes: E-mail from Phillip S. Foster (3 Dec 2010)

"Maybel's second husband Alfred Stevenson and their daughter, Evelyn. Maybel's first husband was John Luke Martin, who was shot and killed by his brother, James Hogg Martin, while Maybel was yet pregnant with Jewell" 
MARTIN, John Luke (I7537)
2709 WWI YOUNG, 7.1069 Edward F. (I9658)
2710 WWI Draft Registration.
1920 Census: in the navy, at Tanners Creek, Norfolk, VA 
KENNEDY, 6.1769 Heyward (I4871)
2711 WWII draft registration at age 60 TATE, 6.0060 Douglas Henry (I5009)
2712 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MCSPADDEN, 9. James Randolph III (I2572)
2713 year of death not certain: 1929 or 1930 HALL, 6.1494 John Francis (I6788)
2714 Yeoman
Will dated 11 April 1607, proved 16 Oct 1607 Lincoln  
LACY, Thomas (I3031)
2715 Yeoman
Will dated 18 Aug 1542, proved 18 Nov 1542 at Lincoln 
DARWIN, John (I2975)
2716 Yeoman
Will dated 9 May 1637, proved 6 Feb 1638/9 Lincoln 
DARWIN, John (I2999)
2717 Yeoman
Heir to brother Rowland, ex'or of uncle Henry will
Will dated 20 April 1590, prv. 9 May 1590  
DARWIN, Henry (I2992)
2718 York County Revolutionary Council of Safety  BLAND, Edward (I1739)
2719 York County Will Book: Page 399, Case 23, File 362 HENDERSON, Nathaniel (I5575)
2720 Yorkville Enquirer May 21, 1861: "Married on the 7th instant, by Rev. J. W. North, Mr. Natty B. Morgan, of Murfreesboro', Tenn., and Miss Cynthia E. Smith, of York District." Family F1019
2721 Youngest daughter.  BLAND, Hannah (I2362)

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